Project: 《巨人王國》The Giant Kingdom

Type:Poster , Illustration , Comic

Client: Self Work
Location: Taitung,Taiwan

Date: 2018




《The Giant Kingdom》talks about a prince want to live in foreign because he love the environment and the culture.One day,he got away from his kingdom.However,he was forced to face the struggle inside and cultural conflict.

When I was in Germany,I missed my family.Then I try to draw a comic to talk about my feeling in Germany.In the end,I draw the poster and illustration which is the character in comic.

2019 《美國CA傳達藝術年度設計及廣告獎》插畫組Award of Excellence
2018 《金點概念設計獎》 標章得主
2018 《第十四屆朝倉直巳教授紀念創作獎》 第二名

Character Poster (Digital)

Riso Visual Poster

Style Test


Digital Illustration for Project

Illustration for character

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